Faculty Perspective on the Future

Resolution Number
Assigned to
Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
Status Report

A position paper was adopted and published Fall 1998.

Whereas during the last decade there have been numerous documents published by non-academic entities recommending the future direction of higher education in California, and

Whereas each of these documents evokes a sense of impending crisis to propel politically expedient solutions, and

Whereas these documents do not reflect academic expertise or faculty perspectives, and

Whereas the Board of Governors are considering a number of these policy document as they frame their perspective for the future of California community colleges,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Executive Committee to develop a position paper articulating the faculty perspective on the future direction of the California community colleges, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate include the following steps in preparing a faculty perspective for the future for California community colleges:
1. Discuss, define, and decide on values
2. Discuss and define our mission
3. Formulate a brief but "catching" vision derived from values and mission
4. Consider ways to make the vision a reality, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to consider a pre-conference workshop at the 1997 Fall Session to develop values, missions, and a faculty perspective for the future for the California community colleges