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This is a standing ASCCC principle in budget development discussions at Consultation Council and other system bodies. Update 6/25/2015: The resolution codifies a long-standing principle of the ASCCC. The ASCCC will continue to advocate for increase funding to meet the 75:25 full time/part-time ratio.   

Whereas students benefit from taking classes from, and having extended contact with, full-time faculty who are critically involved in the educational planning and governance of a college, and

Whereas full-time faculty provide crucial continuity in planning, revising, and updating instructional offerings and educational programs, and

Whereas AB 1725 mandated a minimum 75:25 split between full-time and part-time faculty, and the California community colleges are still below that ratio, and the quality of the educational programs will be directly improved by increasing the ratio to the mandated level, and

Whereas the state financial situation makes it possible to improve the full-time/part-time ratio for the first time in many years,

Resolved that the Academic Senate support placing funding priority on increasing the full-time/part-time ratio to at least the mandated 75:25 level.