Hiring Model

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Diversity and Equity

Whereas at its 1989 Spring Session, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopted a model hiring document, "Contract Faculty Hiring Procedures: A Model Based on AB 1725" with the understanding that revisions would be made, if necessary, to refine the document, and

Whereas the Affirmative Action Committee of the Academic Senate has studied the document in regards to its possible impact and ramifications upon hiring of the underrepresented, and

Whereas the Affirmative Action Committee has developed some recommendations to the model which will reinforce the Academic Senate's commitment to enhancing the hiring of the underrepresented,

Resolved that the intent of the following recommended wording be incorporated into the Academic Senate hiring model,and

Resolved that the Affirmative Action Committee consult with the Educational Policies Committee with the goal of producing the revised model as quickly as possible for Executive Committee adoption at its December 1989 meeting:

(a) In the beginning paragraph on PHILOSOPHY (p.1., lines 5 and 6) substitute the words "...of the adult population of the state of California", for "... of the district community."

(b) In the section entitled, POSITION IDENTIFICATION AND SEARCH PROCEDURES (p.2, lines 10), the following language should be inserted after "... qualifications set by regulations." "Going beyond minimum qualifications means broadening the criteria used to evaluate applicants, i.e., the traditional degree and prior experience requirements: criteria are defined as, but not limited to, training, experience or other qualities which enhance a faculty member's effectiveness with students."