Library and Counseling Faculty Issues

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Professional Standards

Whereas the AB 1725 regulations do not include counselors in the 75:25 ratio, and

Whereas during current times of budget constraint, counseling programs throughout the state are being systematically dismantled, and

Whereas counseling faculty are an integral part of the faculty in community colleges, and

Whereas student equity is a current issue and many of our students are not the traditional student but those needing more, not fewer, support services, and

Whereas the matriculation law, which was intended to strengthen counseling faculty, has been diluted by the language of the law, and

Whereas library faculty were also initially excluded from the 75:25 ratio but are now included,

Resolved that the Academic Senate review the intent of the 75:25 ratio as it relates to student equity and success, examining its rationale, including criteria in addition to "instructional hours", and

Resolved that the Academic Senate create a sub-committee to make recommendations on the status of both library and counseling faculty in the 75:25 ratio along with additional pertinent issues and report back at a future session.