Library Budget

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Library and Learning Resources

Whereas the funding bill for California Community Colleges for the 1987-88 academic year designated specific funds to be used for library acquisitions, and

Whereas these funds were mandated by the State of California because of increased awareness that library resources throughout the state have been consistently underfunded during the last decade, and

Whereas last year's funding bill for instructional equipment funds began to address the compelling need for more adequate library acquisitions by mandating specific categorical expenditures on library resources, and

Whereas these categorical mandates have not been preserved in the 1988-89 funding bill,

Resolved that, if Academic Senate research requested by Resolution 9.02 S88 reveals a general decrease in district spending for library acquisitions for the 1988-89 year, the President of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges be directed to seek reinstatement of a provision for categorical funding for libraries as part of the instructional equipment funds in the California Community College funding bill in the next budget cycle.