Local Academic Senate Role in Developing and Implementing Guided Pathways Frameworks

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Guided Pathways Task Force
Local Senates
Status Report

Local campus visits during the 2018-2019 academic year happened to help colleges implement guided pathways framework locally. Numerous Rostrum articles including Guided Pathways Data and the Faculty Role, Developing Guided Pathways: The Importance of Faculty Voice and Leadership, and Survey on Collegial Consultation During Guided Pathways Implementation: An Agenda for Professional Development.

Whereas, The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office has stated in the recently approved Vision for Success that “Colleges can use the Guided Pathways framework to bring about transformational change” and “the entire system is expected to adopt Guided Pathways over time;”

Whereas, A guided pathways framework calls on colleges to make significant change to processes that support existing curriculum and academic standards that have been agreed upon through governance processes that respect and uphold local districts’ 10+1 agreements;

Whereas, Education Code §70902 (B)(7) states “The governing board shall … ensure the right of academic senates to assume primary responsibility for making recommendations in the areas of curriculum and academic standards,” and Title 5 §53203 requires that a local college governing board shall adopt policies delegating authority and responsibility to its academic senate and those policies are adopted through collegial consultation with the academic senate; and

Whereas, Resolution 17.01 F14 Consulting Collegially with Local Senates on Participation in Statewide Initiatives reminds “governing boards and their designees that they must engage in collegial consultation with local senates before and during participation in any current or future statewide initiatives which encompass academic and professional matters;”

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges affirm the right of local academic senates and senate leaders to play central roles in the development of all elements of a guided pathways framework at their college that are relevant to academic and professional matters; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges support local senates with information and resources to help faculty understand their role in developing guided pathways frameworks and the reforms that grow from those frameworks.