Local Certification of Qualification for Single Course Instruction

Resolution Number: 
Professional Standards

Whereas, In 2002 Academic Senate Resolution 10.09 S02 stated opposition to single course equivalencies, and in 2003 CCCCO Legal Opinion 03-28 by Ralph Black, requested by the Academic Senate, opined that single course equivalencies are not compliant with Title 5 regulations and Education Code;

Whereas, In some instances eminently qualified professionals, who may be the only individuals qualified to teach a narrow set of skills and competencies, may not easily meet the minimum qualification parameters of professional experience, subject matter expertise, and general education proficiencies;

Whereas, Minimum qualifications and processes to establish equivalency to the MQs take very different forms from discipline to discipline, college to college, and region to region, potentially creating a system of structural inequity because critical classes are not offered due to the inability to hire faculty; and

Whereas, A system of appropriate parameters could be established that would allow districts to locally certify candidates to teach a single course;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges research the extent of these concerns and explore the feasibility of establishing a local single course certification and report the results to the body by Spring 2016.

MSR:   Referred to the Executive Committee for clarification and to publish a Rostrum article on the issues identified in this resolution by fall 2015 and to bring back a perfected resolution to the body by fall 2015.