Noncredit Standing Committee

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Executive Director
Academic Senate
Status Report

The Rules were updated and are posted on this website.

Whereas, The Ad Hoc Noncredit Committee has been an effective and important committee of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges for the last three years, making enormous progress in noncredit;

Whereas, Noncredit education is a vital part of the mission of California community colleges and plays an important role in bridging to credit higher education, employment, citizenship and many other aspects essential to California’s economic health, welfare, and citizenship;

Whereas, Noncredit education is essential for addressing equitable outcomes, yet noncredit is currently a target of disproportionate budget cuts; and

Whereas, Even including noncredit faculty on other committees does not provide the voice, empowerment, and support that noncredit faculty require;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges change its Rules to add the Noncredit Committee as a standing committee of the Academic Senate.

MSC Disposition: Local Senates