Not-for-Credit Contract Education Instructor Hiring Process

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Professional Standards

Whereas community college districts are becoming more involved in contract education, and

Whereas many courses offered under a contract with a local, regional, or statewide business or industry are not-for-credit programs, and

Whereas every safeguard possible must be taken to insure that a district's dependence on not-for-credit instructors hired for their specific expertise will positively affect students enrolled in existing credit and noncredit courses, and

Whereas faculty in reasonably related disciplines to the subject area being taught under a contract should be involved and assured that quality of instruction is central to the selection of the not-for-credit instructor, and

Whereas because of this involvement, department faculty will have enhanced access to those people in the workplace who have expertise in emerging technologies and may want to ask these trainers to serve on the college's vocational education advisory committees, and

Whereas department faculty will have increased opportunities to develop linkages with people currently employed in the field and may want to use these experts as guest lecturers and/or arrange for field trips for students in traditional vocational education programs, and

Whereas these linkages will provide a means by which the specialized knowledges and skills will become integrated into the certificate, diploma and transfer curriculum of a district,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct the Executive Committee to develop a model, to consider at a future session, for hiring not-for-credit contract education instructors incorporating but not limited to the following recommendation: The department chair or full-time tenured faculty designee teaching in a discipline reasonably related to the subject area in which the training is being sought should participate in the selection of the not-for-credit trainer with the campus person responsible for the contract.