Online CTE Programs and Competency-Based Instruction

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CTE Leadership Committee
Status Report

04.23.21: Recommendation to continue monitoring the progress of pilot programs, which are funded for selected college collaboratives to create CBE programs.CCCCO completed Title V regulation updates; 8 colleges selected to review implementation of CBE regulations as early implementors. Piloted results will serve as model for CA Comm College CTE programs. 

Whereas, The California Community Colleges are currently implementing numerous impactful initiatives and in the early stages of the wholesale transformation called for by the guided pathways movement;

Whereas, The system of 114 locally governed colleges ensures that communities are served by colleges that are responsive to the needs of their people and businesses, and all 114 colleges could benefit from assistance with implementing academically appropriate and rigorous alternative mechanisms for the awarding of credit as well as development of alternate means of delivering online education, including varied term lengths and the embedding of student support services;

Whereas, A single online college as called for by Governor Jerry Brown in his May 11, 2017 letter to Chancellor Oakley that builds on existing student success efforts has been defined without any consultative process to focus on serving a unique student population (defined by Chancellor Oakley for Flex Learning Options for Workers (FLOW) workgroup as 2.5 million Californians, most working adults, with a high school degree but no college credentials) that is unlikely to be well-served by an online approach;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recognize the value of making online Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs available across the state, the use of online instruction to compensate for knowledge gaps that might normally impede the awarding of credit for experiential learning, and the role of local, regional, and statewide faculty in implementing and delivering such programs;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges encourage the development of structures to award credit through competency-based mechanisms and prior learning; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges support faculty in identifying and implementing innovative online approaches to support students consistent with the guided pathways movement and competency-based instructional programs.