The Paradoxes of Changing the 60% Load Limitations for Part-time Faculty

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SB 847 did not come to a floor vote. The ASCCC opposition to any further legislation affecting the 60% law will be presented in venues such as testimony before legislative committees.

Whereas, There are many college districts with faculty contract language that provides for seniority status of those part-time faculty who have taught some set amount of time, which gives them preferential teaching assignments over non-senior part-time faculty;

Whereas, Most faculty contracts contain load limitations similar to or slightly below existing Education Code, and SB 847 (February 16, 2006) will most likely result in contract renegotiations that will allow for a 70% limit per college and a 140% maximum limit for multi-college districts because this proposal moves the limitations to a per college factor;

Whereas, Many departments in colleges with seniority clauses may have to release their non-senior part-time faculty as those positions will be displaced by the senior part-time faculty as a result of their being allowed to operate at the higher load; and

Whereas, Many departments in multi-college districts with seniority clauses may find themselves being forced to hire senior part-time faculty from a sister college thereby displacing their own less senior part-time faculty because faculty contracts are by district;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges oppose the SB 847 (February 16, 2006) changes to the 60% limitations on teaching loads for part-time faculty.MSC Disposition: Legislators, Local Senates, System Office