Part-Time Compensation

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Local Senates

Whereas the Chief Legal Counsel in the Chancellor's Office has clarified, to some extent, that part-time faculty may serve on local academic senates and not change their "60% of load" status, and

Whereas local campuses have received a variety of interpretations regarding whether or not compensation for non-teaching activities (e.g., participation in faculty enrichment grants, classroom research, staff development projects, etc.) are subject to the 60% limitation,

Resolved that the Academic Senate, in collaboration with its collective bargaining and other organization colleagues as appropriate, seek to clarify the extent to which part-time faculty may receive compensation for activities such as participation in staff development activities, research projects, attending meetings, non-teaching coaching responsibilities and carrying out other non-teaching duties and the potential effect of such compensation on the 60% load limitation.

Status Report: 

Legal opinion from the Chancellor's Office determined that such activities are outside the 60% load limitation.