Part-Time Office Hours

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Whereas, Access to instructors is recognized as an important element in student learning;

Whereas, Many colleges have not adequately provided for their part-time instructors to have access to places where they may hold office hours for students or included office hours as part of their teaching responsibilities; and

Whereas, Students have a right to expect a consistent level of service from their instructors, whether those instructors have been hired as full time or part time;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate support efforts to require California community college districts to provide an adequate place for every faculty member, both full-and part-time, credit and noncredit, to meet with students outside of class, such efforts to include new Title 5 Regulations and inclusion of such a standard in Accreditation Standards.

Status Report: 

Paper on use of part-time faculty was adopted at Spring 02 session, including recommendations regarding provision of place for meeting with students.