Partnership for Excellence and 2000-2001 System Budget

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Budget and Finance

Whereas the Partnership for Excellence is being utilized as a "catch-all" budget category, and cited by the Governor as the rationale for vetoing funds for full-time faculty as well as for EOPS and Puente, and

Whereas the Partnership for Excellence has been portrayed to the Legislature and the Governor as an accountability program for the system but lacks mechanisms to ensure fiscal accountability for the funds and has been utilized in many districts for projects unrelated to increasing student success on the prescribed goals, and

Whereas there are numerous instances when district administrations have decided to expend all or sizable portions of the Partnership money off the top without consultation with the local academic senates as to the process or educational priorities for student success, and

Whereas the Chancellor and Board of Governors passed a proposed 2000-2001 budget request over the objections of all faculty groups on the Consultation Council (including the Academic Senate for California Colleges, CCA/CTA, CCC/CFT, and FACCC) without including proposals to fund full-time faculty positions or address equity for part-time faculty,

Resolved that the Academic Senate continue to work closely with the other faculty organizations to advocate for mechanisms for fiscal accountability with respect to Partnership for Excellence, including
1. academic senate sign-off that collegial consultation and governance processes have been utilized in establishing Partnership processes, plans, and goals;
2. a clear requirement that Partnership funds should be used to supplement, NOT to supplant, funding for existing educational programs, instruction, and services already undertaken by the district;
3. submission of reports about the actual use (rather than the intended uses) of Partnership funds with an expectation of integrity in the reporting function, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate work with the other faculty organizations to:
1. establish a trigger mechanism, or minimum, for use of Partnership funds to hire full-time faculty in districts and individual colleges below the 75/25 ratio; and
2. establish funds in the 2000-2001 system budget for equity for part-time faculty, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Board of Governors to join the Academic Senate in assuring that the Chancellor's Office fulfills its appropriate role of oversight, compliance monitoring, and enforcement of relevant law and regulation with respect to the Partnership for Excellence; that the Chancellor's Office investigates alleged violations and/or problems; and that the Chancellor's Office models the concept of accountability it expects from the field with respect to Partnership.

Status Report: 

The President is currently working with the Council of Faculty Organizations to advocate for fiscal accountability for PFE. Discussions are ongoing in the Consultation Council regarding the establishment of a trigger mechanism.