Preserving Academic Freedom in the Implementation of +/- Grading

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General Concerns

Whereas the intent of the Board of Governors was that +/- grading would be uniformly adopted by all campuses within a multicollege district, and

Whereas the Board of Governors views this as a uniformity of opportunity within a district rather than an obligatory requirement for all faculty to adopt +/- grading, and

Whereas Title 5 Regulations empower faculty to use their best professional judgment and practice in the implementation of an adopted grading scale,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Chancellor and Board of Governors to clarify with district leadership and local board of trustees that uniformity of adoption refers to uniformity of opportunity and that individual faculty continue to use their professional judgment in determining whether or not to assign +/- grades.

Status Report: 

At the request of the Academic Senate, Chancellor's Office legal counsel issued an opinion clarifying that adoption of+/- grades does not alter established expectations regarding the professional judgment of faculty assigning grades.