Re-examine Multicultural Curriculum Issues

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Equity and Diversity

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has supported multicultural approaches to the curriculum through many resolutions including adopting a spring 1995 position paper "An Integrated Approach to Multicultural Education," and

Whereas it may be time to reaffirm our commitment to multiculturalism across the curriculum and to re-examine our teaching methodologies, assumptions, and stereotyping as our student population becomes more diverse and our classes more heterogenous, and

Whereas funding is now available for all community college faculty to have access to job shadowing and internships to learn about the changing world of work, and

Whereas there have been exciting developments in global pedagogy recognizing our diverse student body, such as the work of Uri Treisman, Paulo Fiere and others,

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Executive Committee to hold a breakout at a future plenary session on teaching methods and new curriculum approaches that would reaffirm and re-examine our commitment to diversity in teaching and learning, including but not limited to multicultural curriculum.

Status Report: 

A breakout on the Puente Project at Diablo Valley College was held at the Spring2000 Plenary Session.