Regulatory Relief

Resolution Number: 
Budget and Finance

Whereas community colleges are facing an unprecedented budget cut ($300 million), and

Whereas all aspects of California community colleges are being examined for cuts, including state support of the system office, and

Whereas the Academic Senate has recognized the need for state regulatory oversight in such areas as Affirmative Action, Student Equity, matriculation, 50% law, 75:25 ratio and related areas,

Whereas the Academic Senate has supported the AB 1725 provision that the Board of Governors, through the Chancellors Office, be responsible for establishing minimum standards for courses meeting associate degree requirements,

Resolved that the Academic Senate continue to support Board of Governor's/Chancellor's Office regulatory oversight in areas such as the 50% law, Affirmative Action, Student Equity, 75:25 ratio, matriculation, minimum course standards, and related issues, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate investigate appropriate areas of regulatory relief such as the current shift of program/curriculum review to local colleges, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge that any savings go to benefit instruction.