Researcher Funding

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Budget and Finance

Whereas there is an ongoing and increasing need for research regarding accountability measures at California community colleges, and

Whereas research data is required in such areas as transfer, distance learning, prerequisites, basic skills, degrees, and certificates and other areas, and

Whereas many colleges lack funding to develop this required accountability research,

Resolved that the Academic Senate work with the Chancellor's Office to develop a Budget Change Proposal to establish specific funding to support college research positions to research academic and professional matters, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate affirm that faculty members be considered for such positions, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate affirm that colleges and districts should consult collegially with local senates in developing research questions and setting research priorities on academic and professional matters.

(mwl 2009)
Status Report: 

This resolution has been superseded by resolutions related to faculty input into review of Accountability Reporting for Community College (ARCC) reports (e.g. S08 17.02).