Reverse the Order of the Area, North/South, and At-Large Representative Elections

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Executive Director
Academic Senate
Status Report

The ASCCC has implemented the ordering as called for in the resolution during ASCCC elections voting. 

Whereas, The Rules of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges specify an order for conducting elections as president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, area representatives, north representative, south representative, and at-large representative and allow nominees for elections to stand for other positions if they do not prevail for the first office nominated;

Whereas, Of the representative positions, the at-large representatives need to win the votes of the largest number of delegates, demonstrating more statewide support;

Whereas, If elections were held first for at-large, then north and south, and then area representatives, the elections would progress from larger constituency to smaller constituency and allow nominees who did not win statewide support to be considered for positions that can be won with a smaller number of votes from delegates in closer proximity; and

Whereas, Under the current order, if a nominee loses an area election, it could be perceived as counter-intuitive for that candidate to seek to be elected by or represent a larger constituency, but a consistent order would allow nominees to attempt to win support for positions requiring more support before standing for positions requiring fewer votes;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges amend section

I.G.5 of its rules as follows:

The order of the election shall be as follows: President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Area Representatives, North Representative, South Representative, and At-Large Representative At-Large Representative, North Representative, South Representative, and Area Representatives.