Stand-alone Courses for Counseling

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Whereas more than 70% of the nation's colleges and universities offer courses especially designed to enhance the academic success of their students, and

Whereas research nationwide supports the value of student success courses in enhancing educational outcomes, and

Whereas current Title 5 Regulation 55002 singles out the counseling discipline for higher scrutiny for its courses,

Resolved that the Academic Senate convene a task force that includes counseling faculty to review Title 5 55002 Standards and Criteria for college orientation and guidance courses, and

Resolved that the task force specifically address the issues of Associate degree versus non degree credit as they apply to college orientation and guidance courses and the Chancellor's Office curriculum review process for these courses.

Status Report: 

The President has worked to establish a Consultation Council Task Force on Counseling access and standards. The Curriculum Committee chair is attending Chancellor's Office Task Force on the revision of the Handbook.