State Committees and Task Forces

Resolution Number
Edith Conn
Assigned to
Academic Senate

Whereas there are Chancellor's Office committees and task forces, though created to deal with regulation implementation but which, in fact, deal with academic and professional matters that are the purview of the Academic Senate, and

Whereas Chancellor's Office task forces and committees often duplicate work of the Academic Senate committees, and

Whereas there is confusion regarding the function of Chancellor's Office committees in consultation and in making policy, especially in light of shared governance and AB 1725, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office is considering re-organization,

Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the President to meet with the Chancellor to develop a written policy to clarify the following:
1. the role and function of regional task forces to deal with implementation of regulation but not to deal with the development of policy on academic and professional matters;
2. how senate committees can work with Chancellor's Office committees to avoid duplication of effort;
3. how Senate committees can help the Chancellor's Office fulfill its obligations to the system.