Title 5 Mathematics Requirement for AA/AS Degrees

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Whereas, In 1986, the Academic Senate of California Community Colleges passed a resolution to raise the minimum mathematics requirement to intermediate algebra;

Whereas, The American Mathematical Association of Two-year Colleges (AMATYC) has stated that the AA/AS degree should include at least one college level mathematics course;

Whereas, The California Mathematics Council for Community Colleges supports the AMATYC recommendation; and

Whereas, The minimum mathematics level required for the AA/AS for Texas, Arizona, Florida and New York is at least one transfer level course;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate recommend the following change to Title 5, Section 55805.5Paragraph D: "One mathematics course at the level typically known as elementary intermediate algebra or the equivalent," and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate work with relevant professional organizations to evaluate the appropriateness of recommending raising the minimum requirement to a transfer-level course five years after this change is implemented. MSR

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Voted approved by tow-thirds majority at Spring 05 Plenary.