Understanding Student Accumulation of “Excess Units”

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Educational Policies Committee
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Rostrum article The 2010-11 committee presented a breakout at the November 2010 plenary session.

Whereas, Both the California Legislative Analyst’s Office and the Chancellor for California Community Colleges have lamented the “excess units” that the state pays for as students work to earn a bachelor’s degree (e.g., CCCCO Press Release, January 29, 2010), yet have offered no research-based evidence for why a student might accrue “excess units”; and

Whereas, The many possible explanations for “excess units” are complex and ever-changing, including but not limited to students engaging in appropriate and necessary educational exploration, changing majors, making misguided course selections, and finding themselves unable to obtain a seat in a necessary course while still needing units for financial aid, insurance, or some other benefit requiring enrollment in a minimum number of units;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with other community college constituencies to research and develop an understanding of the causes of student accumulation of “excess units” for the determination of ways that such unit accumulation can be appropriately minimized.

MSC Disposition: Local Senates