Use of Assessment Instruments in Areas Other than English, ESL, and Math

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Whereas Title 5 requires assessment instruments to be approved by the Chancellor's Office, and

Whereas a procedure for approving English, ESL, and math assessment instruments is in place but no such procedure exists or is contemplated by the Chancellor's Office for instruments in other areas, and

Whereas such instruments are needed by faculty to reasonably assess and place students,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Colleges request of the Chancellor's Office that assessment instruments in areas other than English, English as a Second Language, and mathematics be approved for system use upon presentation of local validation results by five or more colleges, such local validation to follow that specified in the Standards, Policies and Procedures Handbook (revised, April 1995).
M/S/C Disposition: Chancellor's Office, Executive Committee, Local Senates

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Work with Curriculum. Comm. to make a recommendation to Chancellor's Office for revising assessment validation procedures.