Web Accessibility

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Technology Committee
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The first part of this is not a Technology Committee task, it is completed regularly by the Office Staff and Executive Director.

Whereas, An ever-increasing number of California community college students access educational information on the World Wide Web;

Whereas, The California Community College Chancellor's Office recently released the report "Distance Education: Access Guidelines for Students with Disabilities" in response to an Office of Civil Rights action; and

Whereas, Organizations such as the Web Accessibility Initiative are committed to developing the World Wide Web to its full potential by promoting a high degree of usability for people with disabilities;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate ensure that its website is incompliance with recognized accessibility guidelines;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge local senates to ensure that their college instructional websites are in compliance with recognized accessibility guidelines; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge all those offering faculty training in website development (such as the Academic Senate Summer Technology Institute, @ONE, the California Virtual College Regional Training Center and the High Technology Center Training Unit) to incorporate recognized accessibility guidelines as a central feature of their training.