Yes On Proposition 47

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The bond passed.

Whereas, Proposition 47-the Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2002-provides $13.05 billion in bonds to relieve overcrowding; reduce class size; and repair and upgrade California's elementary, middle and high schools, community colleges, and universities; and guarantees California community colleges 40% of the higher education share;

Whereas, The California Taxpayers' Association supports Proposition 47 because it requires audits and strict accountability to ensure funds are used only for school construction and renovation, and Proposition 47 also targets funds where they are most needed (i.e., to overcrowded schools and deteriorating schools needing repair);

Whereas, Proposition 47 ensures that every critically overcrowded school district is eligible for its fair share of funds to build some of the 46,000 new classrooms that are needed in the next five years, and will help repair leaky roofs and broken bathrooms, install heating and air conditioning, upgrade college laboratories and research facilities, and give students access to the technology they need to meet academic standards, improve test scores, and compete in the modern workforce; and

Whereas, Proposition 47 will have the added benefit of creating 250,000 new jobs at a time when we need them the most, putting Californians back to work while building a better learning environment for our children; and therefore is supported by a large and diverse coalition, including the California State PTA, California Teachers Association, California Taxpayers' Association, California Chamber of Commerce, League of Women Voters of California, Californians for Higher Education, California Federation of Teachers, California Building Industry Association, California Business Roundtable, Congress of California Seniors, and local teachers across the state;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate support Proposition 47, the Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2002.
MSC Disposition: Local Senates Note: Proposition 47 was passed in the November 2002 Election.