Remembering an Educational Advocate

In 1969, I was in my third year of police work for the San Jose Police Department. John Vasconcellos, a newly elected Assemblyman from my district, sent his chief of staff to do a ride along in a police car, and she was assigned to my beat, which was the toughest in the city at the time.  When I later met John at a fundraiser, he asked what I did to make such an impression on his chief of staff.  I told him I had offered her simple, truthful speak about internal and community issues and problems.

In Appreciation of John Vasconcellos

When former California state legislator John Vasconcellos passed away in late May, 2014, extensive obituaries appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee, and San Jose Mercury News.  All mentioned his tireless work as a California legislator, his patience and ability to get legislation passed, and his national fame for the 1986 California Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility.  While some alluded to his work in higher education, not one of those obituaries referred to the single piece of legislation authored

It’s Time to Submit Disciplines List Revisions

Every two years, like clockwork, an important process begins again: faculty can propose new disciplines or make revisions to those that exist. In March, an email was sent to senate presidents letting them know that proposed revisions to the Disciplines List could be submitted to the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) office for consideration.

Data at Your Fingertips: How the CTE LaunchBoard Can Enhance Faculty Conversations About Student Success

In the classroom, faculty develop a deep understanding of students’ mastery of competencies taught in a specific course, but they may be less aware of what happens to those students in subsequent terms. Career technical education (CTE) faculty can now find information regarding their students’ further progress by using the CTE LaunchBoard.

Where We Have Been, Where We Are Now, and Where We Are Going

This summer has been busy for the members of the ASCCC Executive Committee.  Although the 2014-15 committee did not officially take office until July 1, we really began working immediately after our orientation meeting on June 1, or in some cases even sooner.  Much has been happening in the past few months, and much more is to come this year.  In order to keep those we represent informed, a review of what we have been working on and an outline what we hope to do this year is in order.

Where We Have Been:  Summer 2014

Julie's Inbox

Q: Last year I heard that colleges experienced disruptions in the degree approval process when new C-ID descriptors were finalized and then added to TMCs when colleges were in the middle of the degree approval process. Is anything being done to prevent these sorts of disruptions in the future?


Darn I did not submit that to C-ID yet

Dear Darn –

Accreditation and the Academic Senate: An Ongoing Relationship

The relationship between the Academic Senate (both locally and statewide) and accreditation is a unique one. At the local level, academic senates have a legal role in the accreditation process as outlined in Title 5 Regulation’s list of academic and professional matters designated to senates (“the 10+1”), an official responsibility in the accreditation process that no other faculty constituent group is afforded.

Democracy Commitment: ASCCC And FACCC Promote Student Engagement

In spring 2011, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopted Resolution 13.03, “Democracy Commitment.” The resolution calls for three activities: that “the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges endorse ‘The Democracy Commitment,’” that the Senate “commit to further the aims of the "The Democracy Commitment" in general,” and that “the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges produce an action-oriented guide furthering the aims of "The Democracy Commitment" for use by the California community colleges.”

Showing Gratitude – Recognizing Good Work

Recently, I travelled to Atlanta and needed to navigate my way around a new city. While I knew where I wanted to go, I was not quite sure how to get there. The young man at the hotel desk was very helpful as he assisted me every day in navigating the city with ease and confidence. As I departed the hotel on the last day, I wanted to thank him again for his assistance. However, it was his day off.


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