Predicting, Planning, and Compensating: Weathering the Changing Climate in California's

While the skies outside may have been cloudy, the mood inside the Costa Mesa Westin was far from it as counseling faculty came together to participate in an Academic Senate-hosted institute designed just for them in late February. As the program highlighted, the need for counseling faculty, while ever-present, is even more so when times are tough:

A Snapshot of Noncredit in the California Community Colleges

Noncredit has been a major focus of discussion in the system over the last year. In addition to the discussions of how to implement increased apportionment for noncredit under the provisions of the proposed community college funding formula found in SB361 (the impetus for my previous article on noncredit), the System Office is also coordinating the work of the noncredit alignment project, which is focusing on clearly defining the nine areas of noncredit and reviewing curricular approval processes, and discussions of quality standards in noncredit.


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