Budget and Finance

Comprehensive Funding for Child Development Labs

Whereas, The crisis in the California State budget and its implications for the California Community College System has considerably reduced funding to colleges for programs and support services to students and is currently threatening to close or reduce services at many campus child development lab-schools and children’s centers;

Budget Primer Resolution

Whereas, Local senates will be empowered by a greater knowledge of budget processes; and

Whereas, A brief and clearly expressed primer regarding budget issues and language would allow new senate presidents to perform better in the participatory governance process with regards to budget decisions;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges adopt the paper Budget Considerations: A Primer for Senate Leaders;

Oppose Potential Permanent Elimination of all Categorical Funding

Whereas, Various individuals and constituencies within the California Community College System have proposed temporary flexibility regarding compliance with requirements related to allocation of funding for categorical programs;

Whereas, Categorical programs were originally established because of a need to ensure that certain support services would be guaranteed; and

Whereas, The proposed temporary flexibility regarding expenditures for categorical programs could easily result in permanent reductions in categorical funding;

Use of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funds

Whereas, The State of California optimistically anticipated a one-time infusion of $138 million in ARRA funds for the community colleges;

Whereas, The System based its discussions of the 2009-2010 budget on the assumption that these ARRA funds would be available to backfill the anticipated cuts to student services categorical funds; and

Whereas, The reality is the community colleges will only receive $32 million in ARRA funds;

Response to Current Budget Cuts: Maintaining "10+1" in Budget Crisis

Whereas, Potential looming cuts to California community college funding could significantly affect student access and success;

Whereas, Title 5 Regulations mandate that local senates make recommendations with respect to academic and professional matters, including "processes for institutional planning and budget development"; and Whereas, Faculty may provide additional information that may inform budget adjustments that minimize impact on students;

Monitoring of Local Budget Process

Whereas, The State of California is currently experiencing a fiscal crisis of historic proportions;

Whereas, In times of fiscal crisis, administrators in many community college districts attempt to respond to budget constraints in a fashion which places a higher priority on expediency and efficiency than on the following of appropriate participatory processes which have been designed to ensure faculty input; and

Tracking Accreditation Expenditures

Whereas, Accreditation standards require a visible and effective connection between planning and budget, revenues, activities, and expenditures;

Whereas, These accreditation expenses and processes are not commonly tracked or documented; and Whereas, A growing number of California community colleges are on accreditation warning or probation;

Campus Child Development Laboratory/Child Development Centers

Whereas, Recommendation 8.1 of the draft recommendations (as of September 30, 2011) of the California Community Colleges Task Force on Student Success (established in response to Senate Bill 1143, Liu, 2010) calls for the consolidation of Child Care Tax Bailout Funds with other proposed elements of the Student Support Initiative;

Student Success Task Force Recommendations to Redirect Prop 98 Funds

Whereas, The California Community Colleges Task Force on Student Success (established in response to Senate Bill 1143, Liu, 2010) recommendation 7.1 (as of September 30, 2011) calls to “Revise funding for the Chancellor’s Office by financing the office through alternative means, possibly through the use of ongoing Proposition 98 funding, to be taken from the community colleges share of the Proposition 98 guarantee, or a fee-based system”;


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