Distance Learning

Distance Learning Requirements

Whereas some forms of distance education may require higher costs for users (students) because of costs like cable fees, telecommunication linkages and charges, investments and/or rentals of appropriate technological equipment and/or products, and

Whereas these increased costs may in fact prohibit access of some students to the services and/or courses they have a right to, and

AB 3009: Distance Learning Funding from the General Fund

Whereas AB 3009 would establish a fund of $10-15 million taken away from the general fund for purposes of distance education expansion, and

Whereas distance learning instruction funded by this source would fund distance learning at no more than one half the funding rate of traditional/existing instruction, and

Whereas such social experimentation would lead to a trend to defund the community colleges and encourage low quality distance learning instruction,

Distance Learning Model Policy

Whereas new regulations allow expansion of distance learning courses, and

Whereas few good distance learning policy models exist for guiding faculty curriculum committees,

Resolved that the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges direct the Executive Committee to prepare a model distance learning policy for a future session.

Distance Learning Innovation Incentives

Whereas distance learning by definition defies the artificially imposed boundaries similar to districts, counties, states or countries because a signal may be originated in one location and received at virtually any destination, and

Whereas state funding mechanisms remain artificially tied to concepts like districts, and growth caps calculated on population fluctuations with specified geographic boundaries while at the same time providing for free flow of students, and

Distance Learning Quality

Whereas the COIN report Choosing the Future: An Action Agenda for Community Colleges recommends technological delivery systems for education that are inappropriate for the educationally disadvantaged, and

Whereas many students at the community colleges historically come from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds, and

Whereas the extensive research on persistence in higher education strongly supports student involvement with the institution and the faculty,

Nontransferable Distance Education Courses

Whereas the Board of Governors has recently approved revisions to Regulations on Distance Education to allow community colleges to offer nontransferable developmental courses, and

Whereas colleges in states other than California have already developed such courses that are serving students, and

Whereas knowledge of such courses and programs would be useful to California Community College faculty who wish to develop such courses,

Distance Learning Legislative Positions

Whereas the Commission on Innovation report has distance learning proposals and could be used as the basis for state and/or federal legislation on distance learning instruction, and

Whereas the final draft of the Assembly Higher Education Committee Report on the Master Plan is expected to be released early in 1994, and

Whereas the Assembly Higher Education Committee is expected to include recommendations on distance learning instruction, and

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