Resolution Handbook

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
Resolutions Committee

The purpose of this handbook is to unify all of the resolutions process documents of the Academic Senate into a single, publicly accessible document that brings transparency to the process that is central to the work of the Academic Senate. It is a compilation of the four existing Academic Senate documents on the resolutions process: the internal Executive Committee document “Resolutions Philosophy, Procedures and Process” adopted by the Executive Committee in June 2012, the “Resolutions Committee Manual” approved by the Executive Committee in December 2008, and the “Resolution Writing and General Advice” and the “Plenary Session Resolutions Procedures” documents that are distributed to the body at each plenary session and are revised as needed by the Executive Committee. At the January 3-4, 2014 Executive Committee meeting, the Executive Committee approved the following recommendation brought forward from the Resolutions Committee:

The resolutions writing guide, the executive committee resolutions manual, and the philosophy document should be reconciled with each other and merged into a unified and publicly available document.

In accordance with this approved recommendation, the 2013-2014 Resolutions Committee compiled all of the resolutions documents into this unified “Resolutions Handbook.” Upon adoption of by the body, this handbook becomes the official Academic Senate document that describes the resolutions process and replaces all previous resolutions process documents.

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