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February 25, 2022

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Latest Rostrum Articles

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In Memorium: Professor Leon Baradat
Effective and Efficient Local Curriculum Approval Processes
Equivalency to the Minimum Qualifications
The Importance of Designated CTE Liaisons for Local Senates
“Canned” Courses and Faculty Responsibilities
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A Different Way of Thinking about SLOs
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back – Recent Actions on Institutions by ACCJC
An Interview with Incoming Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley
It’s Time to Submit Disciplines List Revisions
In Memorium: Walter Mccallum
CCC Assessment and CCCAssess: Understanding the Assessment Approval Process
Strong Workforce Funding: A $200M Infusion for CTE and the Academic Senate’s Role
Disenfranchised Students – Where are We Now?
Who Gets to Teach That Course? The Importance of Assigning Courses to Disciplines
An Update on the Baccalaureate Pilot Program and ACCJC
Effective Practices for Student Engagement in the Online Environment
Asserting the Academic Senate’s Voice: The Importance of Relationships and Education
2016 Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award Winner: Jennifer Dorian, Faculty Coordinator, PASS; Instructor, Fresno City College
Prior Learning Experience for Credit: A Faculty Question