Develop Training Guidance for Faculty Engaged in Peer Evaluations

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Update 6/25/2015: Involves working with local bargaining units, something that has been tasked to the President; also falls under Senate-Union relations, which has been tasked to Ed Pol. Committee.  Recommend moving to Educational Policies Committee. 2017 - 18: Committee members should discuss this resolution and make a recommendation to the president about how best to address this resolution. For example, the committee might consider a task force comprised of faculty -- both senate and union colleagues -- to discuss best practices in this area. Based on the topics, possible resources might be developed to share with the field.

Prior to 2021: Awaiting the final creation of the taskforce. ASCCC president has reached out to members of COFO for representatives. Potential outcome of work group is an online module for the PDC on effective peer evaluation strategies. 2021-2022: Given DEI in evaluations dialog, this may be a Rostrum article or short paper developed in collaboration with EDAC. 

quality in California community colleges and is a shared responsibility of academic senates, faculty bargaining units, and college administrations;


Whereas, As noted in the Academic Senate Paper Sound Principles for Faculty Evaluations, most colleges do not have a process in place for training peer evaluators, and such training would be a valuable tool for enhancing the quality and integrity of faculty evaluations; and

Whereas, In a Fall 2012 Plenary Session breakout on faculty evaluations, participants suggested that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges should provide guidance for local colleges regarding the training of peer evaluators;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with statewide bargaining organizations and other relevant constituencies to develop training materials and/or other guidance to help local colleges and districts establish effective training processes for faculty engaged in peer evaluation.