Encourage Accelerating Timeline for General Education Articulation

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At the request of the ASCCC, the CSUCO developed a pilot resubmission process for denied Course Outline of Records (CoRs), which will begin in 2020. These procedures were created in consultation with the CSU’s General Education Advisory Committee and the UCOP and are only available for CORs that were denied for technical reasons. Criteria for technical rereviews include: missing or out-of-date textbooks, lab manuals, or a COR with contradictory feedback.

Whereas, The University of California reviews California community college course outlines of record for University of California transferability each summer;

Whereas, The University of California and the California State University review California community college course outlines of record for general education applicability beginning in spring term each year; and

Whereas, The two-step process required by the University of California lengthens the time required for a course to obtain full articulation and does not incorporate an opportunity for colleges to appeal determinations;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges encourage its transfer partners to explore shortening the timeline to obtain articulation by incorporating a review of courses for general education applicability concurrent with consideration for University of California transferability.