Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.01 2000 Fall Academic Senate Academic Senate By-laws Executive Director
01.03 2000 Fall Academic Senate Representation on Committees of the Academic Senate Executive Director
03.03 2000 Fall Equity and Diversity Re-examination of Faculty Hiring Executive Director
06.03 2000 Fall State and Legislative Issues NCAA Computer Science Legislation Executive Director
06.04 2000 Fall State and Legislative Issues Department of Labor Division of Apprenticeship Standards Executive Director
11.02 2000 Fall Technology Email Privacy Executive Director
11.03 2000 Fall Technology Intellectual Property Rights Executive Director
11.04 2000 Fall Technology Internet Blocking Executive Director
11.07 2000 Fall Technology District Technology Plan Executive Director
13.01 2000 Fall General Concerns Age of Independent Status for Financial Aid Qualification Legislative and Advocacy Committee
01.02 2000 Spring Academic Senate Basic Skills Ad Hoc Committee Executive Director
07.02 2000 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Full-time Faculty Positions Legislative and Advocacy Committee
09.02 2000 Spring Curriculum State of Basic Skills Instruction in California Community Colleges Executive Director
09.12 2000 Spring Curriculum Academic Senate Website: Curriculum Executive Director
11.01 2000 Spring Technology "Technology in Education: A Summary of Practical Policy and Workload Language" Executive Director
12.01 2000 Spring Faculty Development Faculty Development Paper Executive Director
17.02 2000 Spring Local Senates Alternative Calendars: Recommendations and Progress Report Executive Director
20.03 2000 Spring Students Student Member to the Board of Governors Legislative and Advocacy Committee