Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
02.01 2022 Fall Accreditation Advocating for the Retention of a Library and Learning Resources and Support Services Substandard to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges 2024 Revised Accreditation Standards Accreditation Committee, President Completed
02.02 2022 Fall Accreditation Updating the ASCCC Paper “Effective Practices in Accreditation” Accreditation Committee
02.01 2017 Fall Accreditation Request Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) to Readdress Bachelor’s Degree Program Requirements Accreditation Committee Completed
02.01 2016 Fall Accreditation Local Recruitment and Nomination Processes for Accreditation Teams Accreditation Committee Completed
02.01 2015 Fall Accreditation Adopt the ASCCC Paper Effective Practices in Accreditation Accreditation Committee Completed
02.02 2015 Fall Accreditation Endorse the CCCCO Task Force on Accreditation Report Accreditation Committee Assigned
02.01 2015 Spring Accreditation Disaggregation of Learning Outcomes Data Accreditation Committee Completed
02.02 2015 Spring Accreditation ACCJC Written Reports to Colleges on Sanction Accreditation Committee Completed
02.03 2014 Fall Accreditation Faculty Participation on ACCJC External Review Committees Accreditation Committee Completed
02.03 2014 Spring Accreditation Explore Use of Simulated Accreditation Site Visits Accreditation Committee Completed
18.02 2014 Spring Matriculation Research the Impact of Offering Priority Registration to Student-Athletes Task Force Assigned
19.07 2013 Spring Professional Standards Update the 2002 Paper Part Time Faculty: A Principled Perspective Task Force Assigned
02.01 2012 Spring Accreditation Accreditation Effective Practices Paper Accreditation Committee Completed
02.02 2012 Spring Accreditation Effective Practices for Providing California Community College Library Resources and Services to Online Students Accreditation Committee Found Not Feasible
21.01 2012 Spring Career Technical Education Career Technical Education Advisory Committees Vocational Education Committee Completed
09.10 2011 Fall Curriculum Responding to Industry Needs Vocational Education Committee Completed
02.01 2011 Spring Accreditation Use of Outside Researchers in Accreditation Accreditation Committee Completed
02.01 2010 Fall Accreditation Federalization of Higher Education Accreditation Committee Completed
02.01 2010 Spring Accreditation Paper Defining the Roles of College and District Researchers and Faculty Accreditation Committee Completed
02.02 2010 Spring Accreditation Making ACCJC Correspondence and Recommendations Public Accreditation Committee Completed
02.04 2010 Spring Accreditation Accreditation Options Accreditation Committee Completed
09.05 2010 Spring Curriculum Embedding Program SLOs in Program Review Accreditation Committee Completed
09.03 2009 Fall Curriculum SLO Terminology Glossary Accreditation Committee Completed
21.01 2009 Fall Career Technical Education Occupational Programs Course Expansion Vocational Education Committee Completed
02.02 2009 Spring Accreditation Accreditation Team Visits Accreditation Committee Completed