Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
14.01 2017 Fall Grading Effective Practices for Allowing Students to Repeat Courses to Alleviate Substandard Grades Educational Policies Committee In Progress
14.01 2006 Fall Grading Minimum Grade Requirement for Associate Degree Courses Curriculum Committee Completed
14.02 R 2006 Fall Grading Grading, Student Equity, and Developing Senate Guidelines Executive Committee Completed
14.01 2005 Fall Grading Student Academic Dishonesty and Grading Educational Policies Committee Completed
14.02 2005 Fall Grading Student Cheating Educational Policies Committee Completed
14.01 2008 Fall Grading Academic Dishonesty Unassigned Completed
07.01 1991 Fall Grading Grading Policies Unassigned Assigned
08.01 1992 Fall Grading Plus/Minus Grading Unassigned Assigned
11.01 1993 Fall Grading Grading Standards Unassigned Assigned
14.01 1987 Fall Program Review Senate Involvement In Program Review Unassigned Assigned
14.02 1987 Fall Program Review Survey of Support Services Unassigned Assigned
14.01 2000 Fall Grading GPA in Major Unassigned Completed
05.01 1988 Fall Ethnic Studies Ethnic Studies - Programs and Services Unassigned Assigned
05.02 1988 Fall Ethnic Studies Ethnic Studies - Faculty Evaluation Unassigned Assigned
05.03 1988 Fall Ethnic Studies Ethnic Studies - All Disciplines Unassigned Assigned
05.04 1988 Fall Ethnic Studies Ethnic Studies - AA Degree Unassigned Assigned
05.05 1988 Fall Ethnic Studies Ethnic Studies - Staff Development Unassigned Assigned