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ESL Students in California Public Higher Education Spring 2006 Intersegmental Issues
Academic Freedom and the 60% Law Spring 2006 Professional Standards
Occupational Programs and the 60% Limitation on Part-Time Spring 2006 Career Technical Education
Postponement of 80% Resolutions Spring 2006 General Concerns
GASB Requirement Spring 2005 Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Disciplines List - Speech Communication Spring 2005 Disciplines List
Noncredit Funding Spring 2005 Budget and Finance
Disciplines List - Agriculture Spring 2005 Disciplines List
Disciplines List - Automotive Mechanics Spring 2005 Disciplines List
Disciplines List - Drafting Spring 2005 Disciplines List
Local Policies on Academic Freedom Spring 2005 Professional Standards
Creation of a Statewide Listserv Fall 2005 Academic Senate
Budget Accountability Act Fall 2003 Budget and Finance
Support for Campus Child Care Spring 2003 State and Legislative Issues
Partnership for Excellence Funding Fall 2003 Budget and Finance
Counseling Spring 2003 Counseling
Opposition to Legislation that Erodes Academic Senate Responsibilities Fall 2003 State and Legislative Issues
Changing Graduation Requirements for English and Mathematics Spring 2003 Curriculum
Vocational Students and the Math/English Requirement Fall 2003 Curriculum
Faculty Senate President Compensation During the Summer Spring 2003 General Concerns
Feasibility of Common Statewide Assessment Tests Fall 2003 General Concerns
Corporate Governance Models Spring 2003 General Concerns
Program Discontinuance Fall 2003 Curriculum
Counseling and Vocational Programs Fall 2003 Career Technical Education
PAC for Community Colleges Spring 2003 Academic Senate


Title Issue Year Sort ascending
Keeping the Conversation Going: The Institute of Teaching and Learning at College of the Canyons March 2009
Developmental Education Faculty Certification Program March 2009
All Are Leaders March 2009
Sustainability and the Academic Senate May 2009
Can You HEAR Them Now? The Student General Assembly December 2007
Concurrent Enrollment: Where to from Here? December 2007
A Review of Reports that You Know You Should Read December 2007
A Conversation on Distance Education (DE) Workload and Quality Instruction February 2007
Confrontation and the Common Good May 2007
Access for All May 2007
CTE: A Five Year Plan to Help Link Planning to the Budget May 2007
Administrators Need and Orientation to the Senate May 2007
Assessment Anxiety in the Air May 2007
Academic Senate Annual Report May 2007
Where, Oh Where, Does the Curriculum Go? May 2006
Compressed Calendar SurveyAre We Glad We're There? May 2006
Blackboard Down! A Retrospective Look at Crashing May 2006
"Shouldn't Prerequisites be an Academic and Professional Matter?" May 2006
We Must Be as ONE May 2006
There are New Possibilities to Our Perennial Problems: Let's Get Radical! September 2006
Accreditation: The Policies on Distance Education December 2006
Assessing the Assessors December 2006
What the Reindeer Said. December 2006
Statewide Career Pathways: Creating School to College Articulation (SB 70) April 2006
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Getting Ahead of the Enrollment Chase in Distance Education February 2006


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