Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
02.01 2017 Fall Accreditation Request Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) to Readdress Bachelor’s Degree Program Requirements Accreditation Committee
14.01 2017 Fall Grading Effective Practices for Allowing Students to Repeat Courses to Alleviate Substandard Grades Educational Policies Committee
02.01 2016 Fall Accreditation Local Recruitment and Nomination Processes for Accreditation Teams Accreditation Committee
02.02 2016 Fall Accreditation Evaluation of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges President
02.03 2016 Fall Accreditation Faculty Positions on the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges President
02.01 2015 Fall Accreditation Adopt the ASCCC Paper Effective Practices in Accreditation Accreditation Committee
02.02 2015 Fall Accreditation Endorse the CCCCO Task Force on Accreditation Report Accreditation Committee
02.01 2015 Spring Accreditation Disaggregation of Learning Outcomes Data Accreditation Committee
02.02 2015 Spring Accreditation ACCJC Written Reports to Colleges on Sanction Accreditation Committee
14.01 2015 Spring Grading Allowing Faculty to Submit the “Report Delayed” (RD) Symbol for Instances of Student Academic Dishonesty Educational Policies Committee
02.01 2014 Fall Accreditation Student Learning Outcomes and Faculty Evaluation President
02.02 2014 Fall Accreditation Accreditation Evaluation Teams and Commission Actions President
02.03 2014 Fall Accreditation Faculty Participation on ACCJC External Review Committees Accreditation Committee
02.04 R 2014 Fall Accreditation Freedom to Choose
02.01 2014 Spring Accreditation Modify Title 5 to Indicate that California Community Colleges Shall Be Accredited By a Federally Recognized Accrediting Agency President
02.02 2014 Spring Accreditation Submitting Proposed Revisions to the 2014 First Reading Draft of the Eligibility Requirements and Accreditation Standards Through Written and Oral Testimony to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) President
02.03 2014 Spring Accreditation Explore Use of Simulated Accreditation Site Visits Accreditation Committee
02.04 2014 Spring Accreditation Collaborative Response to Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges 2014 Draft Revised Standards President
14.01 2014 Spring Grading Adopt the Paper Awarding Credit Where Credit is due: Effective Practices for the Implementation of Credit by Exam Executive Director
14.02 2014 Spring Grading Local Use of Available Noncredit Progress Indicators President
02.01 2013 Fall Accreditation ASCCC Statement on Accreditation President
02.02 2013 Fall Accreditation Request of ACCJC to Model Effective Self-Evaluation Practices President
02.03 2013 Fall Accreditation Sufficient Advance Notice for Changes to Required ACCJC Annual Reports President
02.04 2013 Fall Accreditation Employ the Term “Action Required” Rather Than “Recommendation” for Evaluation Findings That Must Be Addressed by the Two-Year Rule President
02.05 2013 Fall Accreditation Responding to Draft ACCJC Accreditation Standards as They Relate to Libraries and Learning Support Services President