Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
09.02 2022 Spring Curriculum Co-Requisites and Pre-Requisites of Intermediate Algebra and Articulation and C-ID Alignment Curriculum Committee, C-ID Leadership
09.04 2022 Spring Curriculum Creation of a Separate Transfer Model Curriculum for Women and Gender Studies C-ID Leadership
09.02 2019 Fall Curriculum Inclusion of Course Identification Numbers (C-ID) in College Catalogs and Student Transcripts C-ID Leadership
07.06 2019 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Accelerate Review of ADT Modifications C-ID Leadership
03.01 2018 Fall Diversity and Equity Non-binary Gender Option on CCCApply Telecommunications and Technology Advisory
15.01 2018 Fall Intersegmental Issues Support for University of California Associate Degrees for Transfer in Physics and Chemistry C-ID Leadership
07.08 2018 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Local Determination of Degree Emphasis and Titles for ADT Social Justice Studies: General C-ID Leadership
09.02 2018 Spring Curriculum Pathways to Meet General Education Requirements of Quantitative Reasoning C-ID Leadership
15.02 2016 Fall Intersegmental Issues Approval of Associate Degrees for Transfer That Include Courses Pending C-ID Approval C-ID Leadership
09.13 2015 Fall Curriculum Develop Descriptors for Alternative Prerequisites for Statistics C-ID Leadership
09.07 2014 Fall Curriculum Secure Funding to Develop C-ID Course Descriptors for College Preparation Courses C-ID Leadership
09.10 2014 Fall Curriculum Chancellor’s Office Template Protocols C-ID Leadership
09.11 2014 Fall Curriculum Formalizing Model Curriculum C-ID Leadership
09.12 2014 Fall Curriculum Support for Allowing Exceptions to Senate Bill 440 Degree Creation Mandates C-ID Leadership
11.01 2014 Fall Technology Common System Student Database Telecommunications and Technology Advisory
01.01 2014 Spring Academic Senate Election Signatures Discrepancies Elections Operational Committee
01.04 2014 Spring Academic Senate Investigate and Analyze Election Rules and Procedures of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Elections Task Force
07.03 2014 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Mechanism to Ensure That Implementing Transfer Model Curricula Preserves Faculty Intent C-ID Leadership
15.02 2014 Spring Intersegmental Issues Model Curriculum and Nursing C-ID Leadership
09.01 2013 Spring Curriculum Investigate Regional Coordination of Course Offerings C-ID Leadership
13.09 2011 Fall General Concerns Professional Concerns Related to California Community College Partnerships with MyEDU Telecommunications and Technology Advisory
09.12 2010 Fall Curriculum SB 1440 – Universal CSU Transferability C-ID Leadership
15.01 2010 Fall Intersegmental Issues Use C-ID to Determine Similarity of CCC and CSU Courses C-ID Leadership
04.01 2009 Fall Articulation and Transfer Support for Descriptor-Based Articulation C-ID Leadership