Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
09.01 2017 Fall Curriculum College Autonomy and Faculty Purview for Determining Meta Majors or Areas of Focus Guided Pathways Task Force
09.02 2017 Fall Curriculum Expand System-wide Online Educational Opportunities Online Education Committee
09.03 2017 Fall Curriculum Online CTE Programs and Competency-Based Instruction CTE Leadership Committee
09.04 2017 Fall Curriculum Inclusion of Information Competency in College Institutional Learning Outcomes Curriculum Committee
13.01 2017 Fall General Concerns Recognition of Course Sections with Low-Cost Course Material Options Educational Policies Committee
13.02 2017 Fall General Concerns Environmental Responsibility: College Campuses as Living/Learning Labs Educational Policies Committee
13.03 2017 Fall General Concerns Faculty Involvement in Financial Recovery Plans Relations with Local Senates Committee
16.01 2017 Fall Library and Learning Resources Updating of ASCCC Papers on Library Faculty and Libraries in the California Community Colleges Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee
09.01 2017 Spring Curriculum Update to the Existing SLO Terminology Glossary and Creation of a Paper on Student Learning Outcomes Educational Policies Committee
09.02 2017 Spring Curriculum Adopt the Revised Paper The Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide Executive Director
09.03 2017 Spring Curriculum Addressing the Needs of Students Impacted by the Changes to Course Repetition Educational Policies Committee
13.01 2017 Spring General Concerns Support for Federal Funding of Arts and Humanities Programs President