Curriculum Institute

2016 CTE Curriculum Academy

This event will build on the 2015 CTE Curriculum Academy and is geared to help all participants better navigate state and local curriculum processes.  Attendees will receive information and training on topics such as curriculum basics, effective practices for curriculum development, the Program and Course Approval Handbook, C-ID, and other aspects of curriculum development and approval.  This event is only for Sector/Deputy Navigators, CTE faculty, and curriculum chairs.  Registration is open now and is limited.  


2014 Curriculum Institute


Last year’s theme was Everything Under the Sun, so this year, we have the dark side planned for you; welcome to the Curriculum After Dark. The Curriculum Committee has designed a program of essential information and navigational aids, process and procedural breakouts, as well as several veins you might explore including noncredit, career technical education, and technology. Often we become blinded by the myriad facets of our tell-tale regulations and structures that we may neglect such vital pathways to the same curricular core.

2012 Curriculum Institute

The Curriculum Institute provides expert advice for new and veteran curriculum committee chairs and members. In addition to the traditional focus on upholding quality and encouraging effective practices, this year’s institute will explore reactions and responses to the recommendations of the SB 1143 Student Success Task Force and other outside influences on curriculum.  Teams of five members per college are encouraged to attend. Registration for this event closes quickly, so make plans to early to join us in Burlingame this July.


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