Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
07.03 2022 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Model the Common Course Numbering System and Processes after C-ID C-ID Leadership, Executive Director In Progress
09.02 2022 Spring Curriculum Co-Requisites and Pre-Requisites of Intermediate Algebra and Articulation and C-ID Alignment Curriculum Committee, C-ID Leadership Assigned
09.04 2022 Spring Curriculum Creation of a Separate Transfer Model Curriculum for Women and Gender Studies C-ID Leadership In Progress
09.02 2019 Fall Curriculum Inclusion of Course Identification Numbers (C-ID) in College Catalogs and Student Transcripts C-ID Leadership Assigned
07.06 2019 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Accelerate Review of ADT Modifications C-ID Leadership Assigned
15.01 2018 Fall Intersegmental Issues Support for University of California Associate Degrees for Transfer in Physics and Chemistry C-ID Leadership Assigned
07.08 2018 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Local Determination of Degree Emphasis and Titles for ADT Social Justice Studies: General C-ID Leadership Assigned
09.02 2018 Spring Curriculum Pathways to Meet General Education Requirements of Quantitative Reasoning C-ID Leadership Assigned
15.02 2016 Fall Intersegmental Issues Approval of Associate Degrees for Transfer That Include Courses Pending C-ID Approval C-ID Leadership Assigned
09.13 2015 Fall Curriculum Develop Descriptors for Alternative Prerequisites for Statistics C-ID Leadership In Progress
09.07 2014 Fall Curriculum Secure Funding to Develop C-ID Course Descriptors for College Preparation Courses C-ID Leadership In Progress
09.10 2014 Fall Curriculum Chancellor’s Office Template Protocols C-ID Leadership Completed
09.11 2014 Fall Curriculum Formalizing Model Curriculum C-ID Leadership In Progress
09.12 2014 Fall Curriculum Support for Allowing Exceptions to Senate Bill 440 Degree Creation Mandates C-ID Leadership Completed
07.03 2014 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Mechanism to Ensure That Implementing Transfer Model Curricula Preserves Faculty Intent C-ID Leadership Completed
15.02 2014 Spring Intersegmental Issues Model Curriculum and Nursing C-ID Leadership In Progress
09.01 2013 Spring Curriculum Investigate Regional Coordination of Course Offerings C-ID Leadership In Progress
09.12 2010 Fall Curriculum SB 1440 – Universal CSU Transferability C-ID Leadership Completed
15.01 2010 Fall Intersegmental Issues Use C-ID to Determine Similarity of CCC and CSU Courses C-ID Leadership Completed
04.01 2009 Fall Articulation and Transfer Support for Descriptor-Based Articulation C-ID Leadership Completed
09.01 2007 Spring Curriculum Defining the Types of Associate Degrees AA/AS Ad Hoc Assigned