Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
19.01 2021 Fall Professional Standards Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-Focused Hiring Practices Equity and Diversity Action Committee
19.01 2021 Spring Professional Standards Create a Paper on Part-Time Faculty Equity Part-Time Faculty Committee
19.01 2020 Fall Professional Standards Adopt the Paper Protecting the Future of Academic Freedom in a Time of Great Change Executive Director
19.01 2019 Fall Professional Standards Encourage Utilization of Career Technical Education Faculty Minimum Qualifications Toolkit Resources for Hiring in Career Technical Education Disciplines CTE Leadership Committee
19.01 2018 Fall Professional Standards Encourage Dialog about Equivalency Practices Relations with Local Senates Committee
19.01 2018 Spring Professional Standards Faculty Involvement in Responding to Litigation or Student Complaints Relations with Local Senates Committee
19.02 2018 Spring Professional Standards Defining Collegiality in the Workplace Relations with Local Senates Committee
19.03 2018 Spring Professional Standards Oppose Efforts to Permit Single-Course Equivalency President
19.01 2016 Spring Professional Standards Support for Faculty Open Educational Resources Coordinators President
19.02 2016 Spring Professional Standards Career Technical Education and Laboratory/Activity Faculty and College Governance President
19.03 2016 Spring Professional Standards Infusing Equity throughout College Processes Equity and Diversity Action Committee
19.01 R 2015 Spring Professional Standards Local Certification of Qualification for Single Course Instruction
19.01 2013 Spring Professional Standards Adopt the Paper Sound Principles for Faculty Evaluations Executive Director
19.02 2013 Spring Professional Standards Adopt the Paper Alternative Methods for the Awarding of College Credit: Credit by Examination for Articulated High School Courses Executive Director
19.03 2013 Spring Professional Standards Develop Training Guidance for Faculty Engaged in Peer Evaluations Educational Policies Committee
19.04 2013 Spring Professional Standards Part-time Faculty Nomenclature President
19.05 2013 Spring Professional Standards Professional Development and Training Faculty Leadership Development Committee
19.06 2013 Spring Professional Standards Certification of Faculty to Teach Distance Education Courses Online Education Committee
19.07 2013 Spring Professional Standards Update the 2002 Paper Part Time Faculty: A Principled Perspective Task Force
19.01 2012 Fall Professional Standards Faculty Professional Development College Program Faculty Leadership Development Committee
19.02 2012 Fall Professional Standards Update 2000 Paper Faculty Development: A Senate Issue President
19.01 2012 Spring Professional Standards Faculty Training for Implementation of Noncredit Progress Indicators 5C
19.02 2012 Spring Professional Standards Academic Freedom and Electronic Communication Technology Committee
19.03 2012 Spring Professional Standards Faculty Commitment to Student Learning President
19.01 2011 Fall Professional Standards Electronic Materials and Best Practices Online Education Committee