Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.03 2007 Fall Academic Senate Promotion of Participatory Governance Training President
01.04 2007 Fall Academic Senate Resolution Congratulating Marty Hittelman President
05.01 2007 Fall Budget and Finance California Tele-connect Fund President
09.01 2007 Fall Curriculum Support for IGETC Standards (2007) President
09.03 2007 Fall Curriculum Early Childhood Education/Child Development Curriculum Alignment Project 24 Semester Unit Foundational Course Pattern President
09.04 2007 Fall Curriculum Early Childhood Education/Child Development Curriculum Alignment Project Inter-Segmental Collaboration President
09.06 2007 Fall Curriculum Standards in Oral Communication President
10.01 2007 Fall Disciplines List Career Technical Education Minimum Qualifications Standards and Practices Committee
11.01 2007 Fall Technology Support for the Technology III Plan President
13.05 2007 Fall General Concerns Public Awareness Campaign in Support of Academic Freedom and Collegial Peer Review President
15.02 2007 Fall Intersegmental Issues Impact of the California High School Exit Exam on Student Preparedness President
18.01 2007 Fall Matriculation Consultation Council Assessment Task Force Recommendations President
18.02 2007 Fall Matriculation Faculty Authority Related to Assessment President
18.03 2007 Fall Matriculation Resolution to Affirm Support for Local Curricular Autonomy President
19.01 2007 Fall Professional Standards Professional Development for Adjunct Faculty in Pre-transfer Level Reading, Writing, ESL and Mathematics Courses President
21.02 2007 Fall Career Technical Education Proposed Changes to Perkins Guidelines President
01.04 2007 Spring Academic Senate Process for Recommending Changes to Title 5 Regulations Standards and Practices Committee
01.05 2007 Spring Academic Senate Education Opportunity to Improve Effective Governance President
05.01 2007 Spring Budget and Finance Funding for Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Training and Development President
06.01 2007 Spring State and Legislative Issues Student Health Service Fees President
06.02 2007 Spring State and Legislative Issues Noncredit Repeatability President
06.03 2007 Spring State and Legislative Issues Clarify Title 5 on Degree-applicability of Courses President
06.04 2007 Spring State and Legislative Issues Title 5 Proposed Regulation for Noncredit Students Enrolling in Simultaneous and Overlapping Courses President
07.01 2007 Spring Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Cooperative Work Experience Title 5 changes President
09.01 2007 Spring Curriculum Defining the Types of Associate Degrees AA/AS Ad Hoc