Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
03.01 2021 Spring Diversity and Equity Include Cultural Competence in Faculty Evaluations President
05.01 2021 Spring Budget and Finance Support for Additional Guided Pathways Funding and Extension of Current Funding Deadlines Due to COVID-19 President, Executive Director
06.01 2021 Spring State and Legislative Issues Revisiting the 50% Law and the Faculty Obligation Number President
08.01 2021 Spring Counseling Counseling Faculty, Student Success, and Transfer President
09.05 2021 Spring Curriculum Developing an Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Curriculum Audit Process Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)
11.01 2021 Spring Technology Urge the Release of Distance Education Guidelines and Related Compendium of Effective Distance Education Practices President
11.02 2021 Spring Technology Advocate for Development of a ZTC Data Element Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)
11.03 2021 Spring Technology Advocate for On-Going Funding for the ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)
18.01 2021 Spring Matriculation Ensuring Transparency and Input in Improvements to CCC Apply President
03.02 2020 Fall Diversity and Equity Recommendation to Update Title 5 Language for Section 53022 President
06.01 2020 Fall State and Legislative Issues Oppose the Legislation of Curriculum without Inclusion of Academic Senate Participation President
09.01 2020 Fall Curriculum Recommendations for the Implementation of a Zero Textbook Cost* (ZTC) Designation in Course Schedules Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)
12.01 2020 Fall Faculty Development Increased Support for Lab-Based and Hard-to-Convert Courses During Emergencies President
20.02 2020 Fall Students Ensure Course Cost Transparency for Students Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)
03.06 2019 Fall Diversity and Equity Include Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Youth in Equity Plans President
05.02 2019 Fall Budget and Finance Extend the Hold-Harmless Provision of the Funding Formula President
06.01 2019 Fall State and Legislative Issues Reversal of Position Regarding Baccalaureate Degrees and Removal of Pilot Designation President
06.02 2019 Fall State and Legislative Issues Expansion of Baccalaureate Degree Programs in Allied Health President
06.03 2019 Fall State and Legislative Issues Oppose Calbright’s College Center Placement within an Extant District and Program Duplication President
07.02 2019 Fall Consultation with the Chancellor's Office Continued Advocacy for Substantive Participatory Governance with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office President
09.05 2019 Fall Curriculum Provide Guidance with Respect to Ensuring Student Access to No-Cost Resources Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)
09.06 2019 Fall Curriculum Consider Implications of Publisher-Developed Lower Cost “Inclusive Access” Strategies Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI)
15.01 2019 Fall Intersegmental Issues Criteria and Training for the Evaluation and Approval of Advanced Credit English as a Second Language (ESL) Coursework for California State University General Education Breadth (CSU-GE) and the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) President
05.01 2019 Spring Budget and Finance Funding for Guided Pathways Transformation President
05.02 2019 Spring Budget and Finance Guided Pathways Budget Development President