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Title Session Year Sort ascending Category Status
Addressing the Health and Well-being Crisis Among California's Community College Students Fall 2023 Local Senates Assigned
Sustainability and Institutionalization of Zero-Textbook-Cost Pathway Efforts Fall 2023 Local Senates Assigned
Revival of the California Virtual Campus-Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI) Proctoring Network for Online Classes Fall 2023 General Concerns Assigned
Support Vision 2030 Goals and Strategic Directions Fall 2023 State and Legislative Issues Assigned
In Support of Completing Cycle Two of the Baccalaureate Program Approval Process Spring 2023 State and Legislative Issues Completed
Higher Education and the Health of Democracy: In Solidarity with CSU Faculty Colleagues to Preserve the American Institutions Requirement Spring 2023 Academic Senate for California Community Colleges In Progress
Development of Noncredit Resources and Inclusion into ASCCC Strategic Planning Fall 2022 Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Assigned
Defining Competencies for Associate Degree Requirements Spring 2022 Curriculum
Alternating Area Meeting Days Fall 2022 Academic Senate for California Community Colleges In Progress
Adopt the DEI in Curriculum Model Principles and Practices Framework Spring 2022 Diversity and Equity Completed
Cultural Humility Driving Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Anti-Racism, and Accessibility (IDEAA) Work Spring 2022 Completed
Establish Rising Scholars Faculty Liaisons Spring 2022 General Concerns Completed
Establish ASCCC Rising Scholars Faculty Advisory Committee Spring 2022 General Concerns Completed
Students’ Right to Choose to Take a Pre-Transfer Level English or Mathematics Course Spring 2022 State and Legislative Issues
Adding Anti-Racism to the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges’ Vision Statement Spring 2022 Academic Senate for California Community Colleges In Progress
Asserting Faculty Primacy in Teaching Modality Spring 2021 Curriculum Assigned
Denounce Anti-Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Racism Spring 2021 Diversity and Equity Assigned
Support for Students Affected by the Military Coup in Myanmar Spring 2021 Students Assigned
Improve Math and English Outcomes by Expanding Access and Addressing COVID-19 Related Learning Disruption Fall 2021 Students To be Addressed
In Support of Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in the Interest of Safe Learning Environments Fall 2021 General Concerns Assigned
Counseling Faculty and the 50% Law Fall 2020 Counseling
Acknowledge Extended Opportunity Programs and Services’ 50 Years of Student Success Fall 2019 Diversity and Equity Completed
Assess How Alignment of Timeframes for AB 705 (Irwin, 2017) and the Student Centered Funding Formula for ESL Students Inequitably Impact Funding for Colleges Serving High Percentages of ESL Students Fall 2019 Budget and Finance Assigned
Amend Resolution 5.03 F19 Fall 2019 Budget and Finance Assigned
Include Credit English as a Second Language (ESL) in the Student Success Metrics (SSM) Fall 2019 Consultation with the California Community College Chancellor's Office Assigned


Title Issue Year Sort ascending
Celebrating the Whole Self: Showing Up For Students’ Mental Health April 2024
ASCCC Structural Basics: Board of Directors February 2024
The Abuse of Power: California Community College Boards of Trustees and Hiring and Selection Processes February 2024
Working Together: The ASCCC and CTE Regional Consortiums February 2024
Vision 2030’s Focus on Climate Action: How Faculty Roles and College Governance are Critical to Building Momentum and Implementation February 2024
Access to ASCCC Professional Learning Events February 2024
Rehumanizing Education: Ethnic Studies in the California Community Colleges February 2024
To Refer or Not to Refer? That is the Question April 2024
AB 928, Cal-GETC, and Local Implementation April 2024
Who Are First-Generation Students? Definitions and Implications April 2024
Credit for Prior Learning: Standardized Exams April 2024
Consequences of Dismantling Colleges’ DEI Work: Time to Organize and Defend April 2024
Recent Assaults on DEI and Impacts of Limiting DEI in Instruction April 2024
Thrown Into the Deep End: Tips for Organizing and Leading Meetings April 2024
Academic Freedom: ASCCC Current Status Report April 2024
Gift-Giving Discourse: Decriminalizing Academic Progress Language November 2023
Work Experience Regulation Changes: Expanded Opportunities for Experiential Learning February 2023
“When Did We Decide That?”: Delineation of the 10+1 in Local Governance Documents February 2023
Baccalaureate Expansion in the California Community Colleges April 2023
Resources for Academic Senate Leaders April 2023
Elevating Unheard Voices Through Critical and Intentional Evaluation of Academic Senate Foundational Documents April 2023
Academic Integrity in the Era of Artificial Intelligence: The Onus is on Faculty April 2023
The Faculty Empowerment and Leadership Academy Project: Organizational Theory, Values, and Ethics November 2023
Imposter Syndrome: Exploring Challenges Faced by Black Students in STEM Academic Programs November 2023
DEIA Competencies and Criteria: Defining Equity-Focused Practitioners in the California Community Colleges April 2022


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