Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.01 2003 Fall Academic Senate Bylaws Amendment to Article VIII Executive Director
01.02 2003 Fall Academic Senate Remove the Office of Past President from the Executive Committee Executive Director
01.03 2003 Fall Academic Senate Location Of Future Spring Plenary Sessions Executive Director
01.04 2003 Fall Academic Senate Senate Appointment Process Standards and Practices Committee
01.05 R 2003 Fall Academic Senate Bylaws Revisions Standards and Practices Committee
01.06 R 2003 Fall Academic Senate Resolution to Alternate Spring Sessions between North and South Unassigned
01.07 R 2003 Fall Academic Senate Substitute Resolution 1.06 Unassigned
01.01 2003 Spring Academic Senate Senate Awards Standards and Practices Committee
01.02 2003 Spring Academic Senate Academic Senate 2003-2004 Budget President
01.03 2003 Spring Academic Senate PAC for Community Colleges Unassigned
01.04 2003 Spring Academic Senate Evolving a Plan of Action Unassigned
01.05 2003 Spring Academic Senate Reduction of Dues to Statewide Academic Senate Unassigned
19.01 2003 Spring Professional Standards Student Removal Unassigned