Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
13.01 2010 Fall General Concerns Fostering Dialog between Adult Education and Noncredit Noncredit, Pre-Transfer, & Continuing Education Committee
13.02 2010 Fall General Concerns SB 1143 – Defining Student Success President
13.03 2010 Fall General Concerns Academic Freedom: New Recommendations Educational Policies Committee
13.04 2010 Fall General Concerns Basic Skills Advisory Committee Noncredit, Pre-Transfer, & Continuing Education Committee
13.05 2010 Fall General Concerns Providing Part-time Faculty with Adequate Resources and Support President
13.06 2010 Fall General Concerns Develop a Faculty Definition of Student Success Educational Policies Committee
13.07 2010 Fall General Concerns CCLC Board Policy Templates President
13.08 2010 Fall General Concerns Executive Order 1048, CSU Student Remediation President
13.09 2010 Fall General Concerns Best Practices: Integrating Part-time Faculty into Shared-Governance President
13.10 2010 Fall General Concerns Support for Distance Learning Coordinators Educational Policies Committee
13.11 2010 Fall General Concerns Increasing Faculty Voice President
13.01 2010 Spring General Concerns Acknowledgement of Current California Community College Reform Efforts President
13.02 2010 Spring General Concerns Understanding Student Accumulation of “Excess Units” Educational Policies Committee
13.03 2010 Spring General Concerns Research and Publish CCC Districts’ Current Expense for Administration President
13.04 2010 Spring General Concerns Improving Noncredit Accountability Reporting through Progress Indicators 5C
13.05 2010 Spring General Concerns Support for California Association for Developmental Education (CalADE) President
13.06 2010 Spring General Concerns Benefits of Student Accumulation of “Excess Units” President
13.07 2010 Spring General Concerns Changes in Traditional Student Makeup Equity and Diversity Action Committee