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# Year Session Title Topic Committee
09.06 1990 Fall Faculty Mentoring Professional Standards Unassigned
09.07 1990 Fall Part-time Rollover Contract Funding Professional Standards Unassigned
09.08 1990 Fall Full-time Counselors Professional Standards Unassigned
09.09 1990 Fall Full-time Librarians Professional Standards Unassigned
09.10 1990 Fall Discipline List Guidelines Professional Standards Unassigned
10.01 1990 Fall Program-Based Funding Study Budget and Finance Unassigned
11.01 1990 Fall Dissemination of Senate Materials Senate Practices Unassigned
11.02 1990 Fall Dissemination of Disciplines List Senate Practices Unassigned
12.01 1990 Fall Student Role in Governance Students Unassigned
12.02 1990 Fall Student Fees Students Unassigned
12.03 1990 Fall Laroche Challenge Students Unassigned
12.04 1990 Fall Student Financial Aid Students Unassigned
12.05 1990 Fall Student Health Services Students Unassigned
13.01 1990 Fall Increase Community College Transfer Transfer and Retention Unassigned
13.02 1990 Fall Articulation Transfer and Retention Unassigned
14.01 1990 Fall Economic Development Career Technical Education Unassigned
14.02 1990 Fall Vocational Education Subject Matter Specialists Career Technical Education Unassigned
14.03 1990 Fall Economic Development Planning and Implementation Career Technical Education Unassigned
15.01 1990 Fall Affirmative Action Officer/Representative Diversity and Equity Unassigned
15.02 1990 Fall Basic Skills Curricula Development Curriculum Unassigned